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Snoopy Doo

Nursery School

   2 Vrey Street

   Beyers Park


   082 565 8354

Welcome to Snoopy Doo Pre-Primary School where our mission is nurturing young minds today for a brighter future tomorrow.

About us

Snoopy Doo is a family run school dedicated to the nurturing and development of children since 1998. We offer a colourful and fun-filled environment for your child to experience learning and playing in a homely atmosphere.

Our classes

Our classes currently consist of six classrooms, each allocated to the different age groups as listed below:

Baby class:      4 months to 1 year old

Toddler class:  1 to 2 years old

Toddler class:  2 to 3 years old

Grade RRR:     3 to 4 years old

Grade RR:       4 to 5 years old

Grade R:         5 to 6 years old

We are currently in the process of growing our school to include Grades 1 to 7. This will be conducted under the name of Beyers Park Primary School.

The Curriculum

At Snoopy Doo we follow a structured curriculum designed to prepare your child for their future primary education. Our program covers all the necessary skills and academic requirements needed for acceptance into primary school. A detailed and thorough breakdown will be provided upon registration


We maintain classes that are small enough to ensure that each child receives individual care and attention. Each class has a qualified full-day teacher who is assisted by one or two assistants, depending on the age group.

All our staff are CPR as well as First Aid trained.

We have excellent security with 24 hour armed response and paramedics on standby.

The school entrance is monitored by staff to ensure controlled access to the property.

Every classroom is climatic controlled and fitted with CCTV cameras which are monitored throughout the day, ensuring your child’s constant care and safety.

Classrooms are colourful and visually stimulating to provide your child with a healthy balance between learning and playing in a fun and interesting environment.


Our homely school has age-specific separate playgrounds. Each playground boasts a variety of SAFE outdoor equipment including jungle gyms, swings, slides, sandpits, jumping castles, bike tracks, etc.

The playgrounds have plentiful trees and shade netting to provide shade for our hot South African summers.


Snoopy Doo has been approved and certified by the Department of Health. We offer 2 cooked meals and 2 snacks each day, which can  be adapted to any religious or dietary requirements.

We provide the following:

Extra-mural activities

We offer a wide variety of extra-mural activities for your child’s physical and mental development. These include:

In addition to our extra-mural and physical activities we also offer fun and educational workshops, such as: